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Have an idea for a cutting-edge carbon fiber design? You've come to the right place. LeapTech can help you develop, prototype, test and bring your finished product to market.
Or, If you just need raw carbon fiber materials and supplies, LeapTech can provide that, too.

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LeapTech specializes in custom-tailored production and manufacturing with a focus on providing innovative solutions to challenging problems. Our technicians have extensive experience in prepreg, VARTM, LRTM, RTM, infusion, wet layup, vacuum bagging and wet/dry/prepreg filament winding. LeapTech is currently able to cure, accelerate or post-cure all processes up to 450 degrees.

Identifying a niche market for raw composite materials distribution, LeapTech sells a comprehensive variety of resins, epoxies, gel coats, fabrics, fillers and mold-building supplies, and is an authorized distributor of Hexcel materials. LeapTech is equipped to easily ship composite supplies to the "do-it-yourselfer" or to a full-production manufacturing facility.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Q: How can I use carbon fiber?
A: Carbon fiber is among the few materials in the world that can be formed into products for virtually any industry or application. Carbon fiber can be woven into a fabric that is suitable for use in defense applications or added to a resin and molded into preformed pieces, like vehicle components, softball bats or wind turbine blades.
Q: I'm looking for strength. Why would I opt to use carbon fiber for my product instead of steel or aluminum?
A: Carbon fiber is a revolutionary material with unique physical properties. It is strong, stiff and lightweight and can - in many cases - be substituted for steel. It's five times as strong as steel, two times as stiff - but weighs approximately two-thirds less.
Q: Is carbon fiber likely to weaken and fail?
A: Unlike metals, carbon fiber won't rust over time and is resistant to fatigue. Comprised of thin, microscopically bonded fibers that are highly heat resistant, carbon fiber does not expand when its temperature rises. It has the best weight to strength ratio of any manufacturing material in existence.
Q: I have an idea, but donít know how to design it myself. Can LeapTech help?
A: Yes. LeapTech can guide you through every step of the process of making your vision into a tangible, saleable product.
Q: Is LeapTech's manufacturing capability limited to any specific industry?
A: No. Unlike many competitors, LeapTech is not industry-specific. LeapTech has substantial experience in a wide array of industries.

About Us

Manufacturing Evolved

LeapTech is a manufacturer and distributor of carbon fiber and fiberglass parts and supplies. An experienced staff of engineers and composite technicians make it possible for LeapTech to assist in the development of a customer's design from prototype into a product intended for manufacturing. We take ideas and make them tangible products. Custom prototypes, tooling development and full production are all within our capabilities.

A keen understanding of the broad spectrum benefits of carbon fiber has allowed LeapTech to work with a diverse customer base. LeapTech has experience in carbon fiber applications as they pertain to aerospace, energy, sporting goods and athletic apparel, marine, military, law enforcement, consumer products, manufacturing, computer and medical industries.

LeapTech LLC is continually developing, prototyping, testing and bringing to market new materials and products, using the most cutting-edge methodologies. LeapTech-manufactured products have made sports and transportation safer, vehicles more fuel efficient, and land and waterways cleaner.

Bottom line? At LeapTech, you will find technical experience in all aspects of carbon fiber materials, design and manufacturing combined with raw material resources all wrapped up in a superior customer service experience. Why would you go anywhere else?

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